Image of Pillow Blocks

Pillow Blocks

Either plain or with ball bearings, pillow blocks are used to support shafts that are placed parallel to the mounting area. Also, users need not purchase bearings separately as these are already fitted inside.



  • housing in cast iron series UC200, 300; UCP200, 300; UCPA200; UCF200, 300; UCFC200; UCFL300; UCT200
  • special lubrication using Shell Gadus S2 V100 2

Technology: Casting
Housing: HT-200
Surface: Smooth


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  • transfer cases
  • valve trains
  • axle supports
  • outboard engines
  • textile industry machinery
  • power tools
  • copiers
  • fax machines
  • paper moving equipment
  • transmissions
  • gearboxes
  • alternators
  • steering gears
  • universal joints
  • construction machines