Privacy Policy



Since MCB Bearings AB values privacy, trust, and transparency, this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) will inform the Authorized Users on how the Materials will be collected, utilized, and distributed.


Personal or Company Information

MCB Bearings AB does not require personal data submission. However, Authorized Users may be required to submit some of their company or personal information (collectively, “Information”) in order to access the Site’s customized features as well as for marketing purposes. Contact MCB Bearings AB by e-mail for any Information changes.

MCB Bearings AB reserves the right to release the information to other organizations as required by law or as it deems necessary to resolve, identify, or take legal actions against anyone who is perceived to cause intentional or unintentional damage or intervention to this Site and to its business.

Other Websites

All information given by Authorized Users to 3rd party websites through the use of this Site will be subject to those companies’ own terms and conditions.


For the purpose of web analytics, we may use cookies which will help us gather non-personal information that includes, but are not limited to, language or browser preferences, Site traffic trends, and operating system used. Defined as small data provided to the server by a Web browser, cookies enable us to personalize our Authorized User’s Site usage experience.


The use of this Site will be at your own risk. Though MCB Bearings AB recognizes and commits to protecting its Authorized Users’ Information, it cannot guarantee security for data that is transmitted through the Internet.